Business Intelligence/ Datawarehousing Salary Report for 2013-2014


Business Intelligence and Datawarehousing areas continue to grow in the current fiscal year and we hope that this momentum will continue in the next year.

Despite of a sluggish year for hiring, the demand for good talent in BI/DWH and related areas remains robust. Companies became choosier while hiring and at the same time it is becoming difficult to find a person with right skill and a verifiable track record.

Also on the other hand because of no set standard for salaries in India, companies find it difficult to come up with an offer which justifies candidate’s demand, match the market standards and match the candidate’s skill set as well.

We identified this problem and started gathering salary related data for BI/DWH professionals across India through various means and we are proud to present our findings here. We believe that this will help BI community take decision on the basis of facts rather than whim (this is not what BI is created for ? ).

We collected around half the data from surveys and other half came from our affiliates, partners and clients. We hope to give you an accurate insight of the BI market in India, however we can not guarantee for 100% accuracy because of the nature of the data. We do not have any mean to cross check all salaries as they are highly confidential.

Number of BI/DWH Professionals in India and City based distribution

As per our survey, currently there are around 5 Lakh professionals working in India on BI/DWH. Their distribution based on city is depicted as per below chart.

Bangalore remained on the top followed by Hyderabad. NCR/Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai are not far behind. Pune is the only Tier 2 city with a strong presence.

Average Salary based on Experience


Salary are expected to move upwards as there is a demand for good talent because almost all India based companies are moving up in the BI value chain and they are ready to pay the premium for good resources.

Salary Minimum and Maximum Averages

We have also analyzed data for Minimum salaries and maximum salaries. See below the chart for 10th percentile, 20th percentile, 80th percentile and 90th percentile.

20th percentile gives the average of salaries of bottom 20% people with salary on lower side. 90th percentile gives the average of salaries of top 10% people with salary on higher side and so on.


Salary Distribution across India and across Cities

Hyderabad tops the chart for salary range “0-5 Lakh”, Mumbai tops the chart for salary more than 20 Lakh. There are some other interesting facts which came up with the salary distribution data, please see below.

Please note that each percentage is calculated based on a specific location. So salary range of 0-5 Lakh for Bangalore (56.4%) is calculated based on all BI professionals in Bangalore only.


Salary Distribution at detailed Level across India

This is another analysis based on the survey data, which basically provides more detail in the Salary distribution. Also there is a chart for your eyes :-)


Chart for above table


Please let us know if you liked this report and also provide your inputs of what more you want to see in future surveys.

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